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Acore of the original technology consists in applying non-viral gene constructs (plasmid DNA encoding therapeutic genes) to the surface of the osteoconductive matrix: 50% of the molecules are conjugated to the surface of the material due to complexation and are released in a prolonged manner within 1 month after implantation, the other 50% are not firmly fixed to the surface and are detached in the first hours after the operation. This technology allows to create a loading dose of plasmid DNA in the area of ​​bone grafting immediately after surgery to quickly start angiogenesis and prolong the osteoinductive effect for a period of about 1.5 months after implantation.

The use of nucleic acid molecules, the «templates» for the synthesis of a patient’s own therapeutic protein, is a unique technological difference from all previously developed materials.

The technology and products under development are protected by a row of international patents