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Granules 50-150 μm
Size 50-150 μm Weight / volume 1g / 0.9 cm³

Indications for use

• Socket preservation following tooth extraction
• bone grafting simultaneous with dental implant placement, the granules of the material can be located in the direct contact with the exposed surface of the dental implant
• Bone grafting of periodontal defects, granules of the material can be placed in direct contact with the surface of the tooth root
• Use as an osteoinductive component in a mixture with any other bone grafts and substitutes.


• Fast resorption of granules — complete replacement with bone tissue in 3-4 months
• Hydrophilic surface-easily wetted with water solutions, forming aggregates convenient for insertion into the bone grafting area
• To ensure that the granules are not washed out by the blood flow, either reliable hemostasis of the recipient bed is required, or the piling of the material in large portions
• Contrast of granules on X-ray images is slightly below the intact bone
• Before use, moisten with saline solution to activate (to rehydrate) the lyophilized plasmid DNA on the surface of the granules.